Annual Report 2020

20 Years of Mobey Forum!

The Power of Community in 2020

2020 was a significant year for Mobey Forum due to two important factors. Firstly, it marked the 20th anniversary of the organisation and we remain proud of our evolution from humble beginnings into a globally recognised association. Secondly, we became more agile and identified new ways to collaborate and innovate against the unpredictable backdrop of a worldwide pandemic.

Although the year brought many unforeseen challenges, it truly emphasised the strength of our close-knit Mobey community and the value of our 20-year legacy. The pandemic required us to adapt our ways of working very quickly, yet we were able to stay connected and continued to share experiences and insights across geographies and time zones. With the pandemic causing significant disruption across the entire financial services industry, we produced a dedicated report and podcast to offer insight, guidance and support.

Above all, this year has highlighted the undeniable necessity to be digital in order to survive. This requirement is paramount for banks and other financial services providers due to the vital role they play in keeping the economy going through services such as ecommerce, digital identity and digital banking services.

As we look ahead to 2021, there is a real need for action when it comes to innovation and digitalization within the financial services industry. By providing a commercially neutral environment for collaboration and open dialogue, Mobey continues to offer a valuable forum for inspiration and fresh perspective.

Elina Mattila, Executive Director


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The Mobey Experience

Identifying and analyzing commercial drivers and disruptors that will become reality 2–5 years from now

Expert Group discussions that produce “insights you cannot Google”

Independent and non-biased publications “by the members, for the members”

Member Meetings that provide unique content and open discussions – no sales pitches

Rewarding networking that creates lasting relationships with strategically important contacts

Board of Directors

Mobey Forum’s Board of Directors sets the strategy for the organisation. The board is selected for an annual term and 2/3 of directors represent banks to ensure we focus on the issues that are important to banks.

Chair: Jordi Guaus


Vice-chair: Bent Bentsen

DNB Bank

Petra Bunschoten

ING Bank

George Charalambous


Veronica Lange

UBS Bank

Maurizio Poletto

Erste Group Bank

Ville Sointu

Nordea Bank

Kasper Sylvest

Danske Bank

Jukka Yliuntinen

Giesecke & Devrient

André Zölch


Tom Pawelkiewicz

TD Bank

Mark Cleary




Solution Providers

Online Member Meetings

Mobey’s Member Meeting agendas are non-commercial and created to ensure that value to the audience is maximized with insightful, inspiring and provocative speakers. The meetings are attended by innovation leaders, decision makers, thought leaders and domain experts from Mobey Forum’s member companies.

Digital Identity - 28th Apr

Speakers from: Nordea, TietoEvry, Sparebank1, Mastercard, Consult Hyperion, Lørn.Tech

Digital Payments - 12th May

Speakers from: Santander, ING, Nets, Digital Magss

Open Banking Fight Club - 26th May

Speakers from: HSBC, Erste Bank, Minna Technologies, Nodea, CaixaBank, TD Bank

Making the Most of Data in Banking - 9th Jun

Speakers from: OakNorth, Experian, The Internet.Foundation,, IBM

The Latest in Payments - 8th Sep

Speakers from: Klarna, Yolt, Edgar Dunn & Co, Mastercard

Transformation of Latin American Banking - 29th Sep

Speakers from: BBVA, PayPal, PartYou, ESADE

Green Finance and Sustainable Banking - 20th Oct

Speakers from: Nordea, Tomorrow Bank, Doconomy, Erste Group Bank

Data and Digital Banking - 25th Nov

Speakers from: TD Bank, Meeco, IBM, Lipis Advisors, Erste Group Bank, Vipps, Visa

Highlighted Quotes from Speakers at Member Meetings

At ‘Digital Identity’:

"Banks need to start doing KYC more like the way Amazon, Spotify or Klarna do it. We are using KYC a little too defensively rather than using it to provide new services.”

At ‘Making the Most out of Data in Banking’:

“One of the big problems with data is that we don’t have a unit of account. The only metric we have is size (byte), but in a broadband/5G world, it’s the least important measure. More important is ownership, attestation, veracity, provenance.”

At ‘Green Finance and Sustainability in Banking’:

“When people choose their bank based on their values, there is more trust, stickiness, engagement and community.”

At ‘The Latest in Payments’:

“You see more and more retailers looking at PIS as a viable alternative for collecting online payments.”

Expert Groups

At the Expert Groups, the open atmosphere and the Chatham House Rule allow for frank discussion of real issues. The insights produced by Mobey Forum’s Expert Groups create reports, infographics and podcasts for the benefit of the wider industry. The real value is in the discussion and the journey of shaping the conclusions.

Open Banking Expert Group

Looking into opportunities for banks to monetise APIs beyond those mandated by PSD2.

Chaired by:
Mario Brkic, George-Labs / Erste Group
Marc Folch, Interac
Kristian Sørensen, Norfico

Payments Expert Group

Uncovering the latest developments in payments and analysing their impact on banks.

Chaired by:
Beat Bannwart, UBS
Xavier Herrero, CaixaBank
Sirpa Nordlund, Nets

Digital ID Expert Group

Researching various standards in use globally for digital identity services and analysing opportunities for international interoperability.

Chaired by:
Jukka Yliuntinen, Giesecke-Devrient
Alex Schell, UBS

Data Privacy in the Age of AI Expert Group

Examining anonymisation techniques used at banks and the challenges with them. Also, considering new, emerging techniques and the best use cases for those.

Chaired by:
Amir Tabakovic,
Ville Sointu, Nordea

Highlighted Quotes from Participants at Expert Groups

From Data Privacy in the Age of AI:

“Our experience is that testing at banks is not secure. There is a little bit of anonymisation applied but that is not enough.“

From Open Banking Expert Group:

“If you have stellar PSD2 interfaces, it’s easier to get people to use other APIs also and to pay for them. “

From Payments Expert Group:

“In the past payments used to be operational, now they are becoming strategic. We need to understand what positions we need to keep to protect the other parts of the bank’s business. Otherwise we become a vault for money and that is is not a viable business case.“

From Digital ID Expert Group:

“A lot of digital ID projects are humming along under the radar. It’s challenging to get 10 corporations and lawyers in one room.”

Get in Touch

We would like to thank everyone within the community for contributing to another successful year for Mobey, and we hope you share our pride in what we were able to achieve together. We look forward to the next chapter of working together in 2021.

Elina Mattila

Executive Director

Salli Pirneskoski

Member Relations Manager